Khatu Shyam Maha Mantra - Most Powerful Shyam Mantra

Khatu Shyam Maha Mantra - Most Powerful Shyam Mantra, it tells about various Shyam Mantra and correct way of their uses and importance.

Most Powerful Shyam Mantra

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It is said that just by taking the name of Khatu Baba Shyam with a true heart, a person's sufferings go away, but if Baba's name is taken correctly and in the right way, then your application will be taken directly to Baba Shyam's court. .

The way it is said about Lord Ram that the name of Ram is bigger than Ram, in the same way the same is believed for Shyam with Khatu.

Devotees remember Baba Shyam's name so much that whenever they want to greet someone, people say Jai Shree Shyam instead of Hi, Hello.

It is the glory of the name itself that Jai Shree Shyam is said religiously no less than Jai Shree Ram. Anyway, both Ram and Shyam are incarnations of Sri Hari Vishnu.

Other names of Baba Shyam

Baba Shyam is called by many different names by his devotees. Some of these names are as follows -

shyaam baaba, teen baan dhaaree, leele (neele) ka asavaar, lakhadaataar, haare ka sahaara, sheesh ka daanee, moraveenandan, khaatoo vaala shyaam, khaatoo naresh, shyaam dhanee, kaliyug ka avataar, deeno ka naath

Taking the name of Shyam brings happiness and prosperity in the house as well as positivity in life. When Barbarik had donated his head to Lord Krishna, then Krishna had given him a boon that the sufferings of the devotees would be removed just by chanting your name in Kalyug.

Mantras of Khatu Shyam

Along with Baba Shyam, there are some such mantras related to Baba, chanting which brings happiness, success in life and all the wishes of the mind are fulfilled.

The mantras of Baba Shyam are known as Shyam Mantra. By continuously chanting these mantras, your bad deeds start getting done, that means Shyam's grace starts happening.

These mantras of Baba Shyam are as follows-

1. Om Shree Shyam Devay Namah
2. Om Morvaye Namah
3. Om Morvi Nandanay Namah
4. Om Shishadaneshwaray Namah
5. Om Khatunathaya Namah
6. Om Suhrdayay Namo Namah
7. Om Mahadhanurdhar Veer Barbarikaya Namah
8. Om Shyam Sharanam Mamah
9. Om Shyam Devay Barbarikay Haraye Paramatmane, Pranatah Kleshnashaya Suhrdayaya Namo Namah
10. Om Morvi Nandanay Vidmahe Shyam Devay Dhimahi Tanno Barbarik Prachodayat

One of these mantras is such that it is called "Shyam Mantra of Success" or "Mahapowerful Mahamantra of Khatu Shyam". This mantra is "Om Shri Shyam Devaya Namah".

It is believed that if you are not getting success even after all the efforts, then you must chant this mantra.

One of these mantras is called Gayatri Mantra of Khatu Shyam. This mantra is "Om Morvi Nandanay VidMahe Shyam Devay Dhimahi Tanno Barbarik Prachodayat".

Correct way to chant Shyam Mantras

For this purpose mantras should be chanted in the right way i.e. as given in the scriptures. By chanting mantras again and again with the right method, slowly that mantra starts proving.

For chanting mantra, it is very important to bring the mantra into a system, that is, by focusing your attention on the mantra, bring it under your mind. When the mantra becomes subservient to the mind, then divine powers come in it, that is, the mantra becomes proven.

There is no need to make any ostentation to chant the mantra. You can chant these mantras anytime, but they are more fruitful if you follow some discipline to chant them.

If you chant the mantra daily sitting in a quiet place with a satvik mind, then slowly your attention starts focusing on it and you start going into meditation yoga.

At this time your confidence starts increasing. Disappointment starts changing into hope, due to which your attitude towards your life starts changing. As you know that only an optimistic and self-confident person becomes successful in all ways.

If you are chanting the mantra in the morning, then you should do this chanting after taking a bath, either in the temple of your home or by sitting in front of Baba Shyam's photo.

Apart from this, you can also chant the mantra while remembering Baba Shyam in a quiet place. Chant the mantra as you wish, but it is considered better if you chant it 108 times.

You have to especially keep this thing in mind that nothing will happen just by chanting the mantra. You have to chant the mantra with full devotion and faith. If there is no faith and faith in God, then chanting any mantra is useless.

You have to understand that chanting a mantra means perfecting it so that your prayers reach the Lord directly. If your prayers do not reach God, then everything is in vain.

Here you can understand it in this way that by having true faith in Lord Rama, even the stones started floating in the water and a bridge was made from these floating stones to Lanka.

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