Khatu Shyam Mandir Location and Route - How to reach Temple?

Khatu Shyam Mandir Location and Route - How to reach Temple?, it tells location of Khatu Shyam Temple and shortest route to reach from Toran Dwar.

How to reach Khatu Shyam Temple

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When we talk about the location of Khatu Shyam ji's temple and the route to reach here, first of all we should know that where Shyam Baba's temple is built.

Location and Route of Khatu Shyam Ji Mandir

Baba Shyam's temple is built in the middle of the town. The distance of the temple from the Toran Gate of Khatu is about one kilometer.

Roadways bus stand in Khatu Shyam ji is located near Toran gate. There is a government parking near the Torana Gate.

If you have come to Khatu by your vehicle then first you have to park your vehicle in the parking lot.

Whether you have come by roadways bus or by your own vehicle, to go to the temple, you must first come to the circle near the Toran gate.

From here you can go to Shyam Baba's temple while walking in the streets of Khatu. From the circle to the public hospital (CHC), you have to take a left turn at the intersection.

On going straight ahead from here one comes to Kabootar Chowk, from which on going to the right one comes to the temple of Baba Shyam.

Earlier, entry was given from here for darshan in the temple, but in the new darshan system, the entry has been stopped from here. Now you know ahead of the temple from the path made in front of Shyam Kund.

The temple of Baba Shyam has now been expanded. Earlier there were limited doors for entry and exit but now their number has been increased.

Now the entry is from one side and the exit is from the other side, due to which it takes very less time for Barshan of Baba Shyam.

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