Surajgarh Nishan Yatra - What is Surajgarh Nishan?

Surajgarh Nishan Yatra - What is Surajgarh Nishan?, it tells about Surajgarh Nishan Yatra History, Story, Date and Period.

What is Surajgarh Nishan

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A flag is hoisted throughout the year as a mark on the peak of Khatu Shyam Baba's temple. Do you know where this flag comes from and when it is changed?

This Nishan climbing to the summit of Shyam temple in Khatu comes from Surajgarh in Jhunjhunu district. This Nishan is offered once a year in the month of Falgun during the Khatu Lakhi fair.

Today we understand that who brings this Nishan of Surajgarh to Khatu town and what is the story behind this Nishan.

What is Surajgarh Nishan Yatra?

This Nishan that climbs to Khatu Shyam ji's temple is brought from Surajgarh's Shyam Mandir to Khatu's Shyam Mandir by foot. This is called Surajgarh Nishan Yatra.

Specialties of Surajgarh Nishan Yatra

Surajgarh Nishan Yatra is very famous because of its uniqueness. The most special thing about this Nishan Padyatra is that women carry a burning Sigadi on their heads along with the Nishan in their hands.

After flagging Nishan to the top of the Khatu Shyam temple, all the Shyam devotees return to Surajgarh on foot. In this way, these people follow the tradition of completing the journey from where they start.

Why do women carry a lit Sigadi on their head during Surajgarh Nishan Yatra?

The woman whose wish is fulfilled by Baba Shyam, that woman comes to Khatu Shyam temple with a burning Sigadi (unbroken flame of Shyam Baba) on her head and offers it to Baba

In this way, we can say that these women walk from Surajgarh to Khatu with Nishan in their hands and a burning Sigadi on their heads to express their faith in Baba when their wishes are fulfilled.

Characteristic of Surajgarh Nishan

Just as the sun appears differently in the sky, in the same way the sign of Surajgarh also has its own identity.

The height of this mark is 11 feet. Baba Shyam is sitting on a blue horse holding three arrows in the middle of the white colored flag.

Glory of Surajgarh Nishan

It is said that the glory of Surajgarh Nishan is limitless. It is believed that Baba Shyam himself resides in this Nishan.

Since this Nishan is available for public viewing only for twelve days, it can be visited only during the Lakhi fair.

People have such a belief that whoever sees the sign of Surajgarh, Shyam Baba's blessings begin to shower on him.

From which temple of Surajgarh does the Nishan come?

Earlier there was only one temple of Shyam Baba in Surajgarh, so earlier the mark of this temple used to be Khatu.

Later, due to the construction of another temple of Shyam Baba near this temple, from the year 2004, different marks have started coming from both the temples.

On which day the Nishan Yatra starts from Surajgarh?

Establishment of Surajgarh Nishan in Baba Shyam Temple of Surajgarh Dham takes place at exactly 11:15 am on Fagun Sudi Ekam.

Maha Aarti is performed 11 times from Ekam to Shashthi. After this, Nishan Yatra starts at exactly 11:15 am on Falgun Sudi Shashti and reaches Khatu Shyam ji on Navami day.

In how much time Surajgarh Nishan Yatra is completed?

Starting from Surajgarh, this yatra of 152 kilometers distance lasts for a total of 90 hours. The yatra starts from Surajgarh and reaches Khatu Shyam ji via Sultana, Bhatiwad, Gudhagaudji, Udaipurwati, Gurara, Bamanwas, Mandha.

Baba's devotees keep dancing and singing bhajans in the journey. Initially the number of pedestrians is less but as the journey progresses the number of pedestrians increases.

On which day Surajgarh Nishan is offered on Khatu Shyam temple?

So far, a total of 375 marks have been offered in Shyam Baba's temple. The Nishan of Surajgarh is offered at the Khatu temple on Phagun Shukla Dwadashi at the time of Lakkhi fair after duly worshiping it.

Who started the Surajgarh Nishan Yatra?

It is said that this Nishan Padyatra originating from Surajgarh was started in Vikram Samvat 1705 i.e. 1648 AD by Tulsaram ji Indoriya, a resident of Santhawas village of Khandela.

Later, his descendant Sewaram ji Indoria started living in Surajgarh before two centuries ago and started offering Nishan from here.

The tradition of offering Nishan started by Tulsaram ji is being continued by his descendants even today.

Why is the Nishan of Surajgarh on the Khatu Shyam temple?

There is a historical story behind the marking of Surajgarh on the Khatu Shyam temple. It is said that the British had closed the darshan in Baba Shyam's temple and got it locked.
Due to the closure of the temple, the devotees were not able to see Shyam Baba. Now he was expecting some miracle to open the lock of the temple.

A miracle happened in those days. Mangalaram, a devotee of Shyam who brought the mark from Surajgarh, hit the lock of the temple with a peacock feather in the name of Shyam Baba, and the lock broke open.

After this miracle, the faith of Shyam devotees increased towards the Nishan of Surajgarh and it was believed that Baba Shyam walks in the Nishan of Surajgarh.

After that miraculous incident of opening the lock from Morchhadi, since that time every year the Nishan of Surajgarh has been rising on the top of the temple.

Even today the family of Mangalaram and the people of Surajgarh are following the tradition of this unique pilgrimage every year.

When will Surajgarh Nishan Padyatra start in the year 2024?

Like every year, this year also Surajgarh Nishan Yatra will be start in Falgun Lakkhi Mela. Surajgarh Nishan Padayatra will start on 26 and 27 February and will offer Nishan to Shyam Baba in the temple on 4 March.

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