Chulkana Dham Khatu Shyam Mandir - Barbarik Donated His Head

Chulkana Dham Khatu Shyam Mandir - Barbarik Donated His Head, it tells history of Chulkana Dham with its relation to Barbarik and Chunkat Rishi.

Barbarik Donated His Head

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The relationship of Chulkana Dham is related to all the three ages, Satyuga, Treta Yuga and Dwapar Yuga. The relation of this village has been with Maharishi Chunkat in Tretayug era and Barbarik in Dwapar era.

History of Chulkana

Today's Chulkana village was once a thriving and prosperous town and it had trade relations far and wide.

In Treta Yuga there was an ashram of an ascetic Maharishi Chunkat in the forest here and at a short distance was the capital of Chakravarti emperor Chakvabain Mandhata.

Once the king organized Yagya and Bhandara and sent an invitation to Maharishi Chunkat to come. Maharishi refused to leave citing his fast. Taking it as an insult, the king challenged Maharishi to a fight.

Maharishi explained the king not to fight. When the king did not agree, he defeated the king and his entire army. The king's pride broke down and he apologized to Maharishi.

How did the name Chulkana come?

It is said that this village had to be named Chulkana because it was the workplace of Chunkat Rishi. Today this Chunkat Rishi is also known as Lakisar Baba.

What is Chulkana Dham famous for?

Apart from Saint Chunkat or Lakisar Baba Ashram, Chulkana Dham is famous for Sheesh Daan of Barbareek to Shri Krishna.

Here is the Peepal tree that was pierced by Barbareek and the place where Barbareek donated his head to Krishna. Barbareek story is related with Mahabharata.

In Dwapar Yuga, when the Mahabharata war took place, Ghatotkach's son Barbarik had donated his head to Lord Krishna on this land.

Barbarik, the son of Ghatotkach, received three miraculous arrows as a result of worshiping Mahadev. Because of these arrows, he is called three arrows holder.

In the war of Mahabharata, he came to Kurukshetra sitting on a blue horse with the aim of supporting the losing side.

In many places the name of his horse is also called Leela and for this reason he is also given the noun of Leela's Aswar.

Shri Krishna disguised as a Brahmin asked him to pierce all the leaves of the Peepal tree with an arrow as a test, which Barbarik completed.

Krishna, who became a Brahmin, asked Barbarik for his head as a donation, which Barbarik donated. Krishna gave a boon to Barbarik to be worshiped in his name in Kalyug.

Where is the Peepal tree pierced by Barbarik?

Peepal tree present in Chulkana Dham is compared to the tree of Mahabharata period whose leaves were pierced by Barbarik. Even today holes are said in the leaves of this Peepal tree.

History of Shyam Mandir of Chulkana

In the year 1989, a committee was formed for the salvation of this temple and a huge temple was constructed here. The temple has idols of various deities along with Shri Shyam.

Along with this, the tomb of Shyam Bhakt Baba Manohar Das ji is also situated. It is said that Baba Manohar Das was the first to worship Shyam Baba.

The 18th generation of the Vairagi family is engaged in the maintenance of the temple. A tank has also been made in the temple.

Festivals of Shyam Mandir of Chulkana

In the temple of Shyam Baba, Jagran takes place on every Ekadashi. Huge fairs are organized in the court of Shyam Baba on Ekadashi and Dwadashi of Shukla Paksha of Phalgun month, in which lakhs of devotees come from far and wide to fulfill their wishes.

On the day of the fair, devotees travel on foot from Samalkha to Chulkana village. Huge stores are organized at various places along the way.

How to reach Chulkana Dham?

Chulkana Dham is located about five kilometers from Samalkha town in Panipat district of Haryana. The nearest railway station to Chulkana Dham is Samalkha and Bhodwal Majri.

How far is Chulkana Dham from Delhi?

The distance from Delhi to Chulkana Dham is about 70 kms.

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