Khatu Shyam Arji Ardas - What is the Importance of Arji?

Khatu Shyam Arji Ardas - What is the Importance of Arji?, it tells about Arji or Ardas of Khatu Shyam Ji that how can offer Arji to Shyam Baba.

What is the Importance of Arji

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There is only sorrow on the land of death. Ever since the beginning of Kalyug, due to the increase of desires, sorrow is also increasing.

Every human being is surrounded by one or the other problem. To get rid of this problem, a person feels the need of some support.

As we all know that Baba Shyam is called the supporter of the losers because Lord Krishna himself had given him a boon to be worshiped in his name in Kalyug.

Lord Krishna told him that whoever remembers you with a true heart, all his wishes will be completed.

Today, due to the boon of Lord Krishna, the glory of Shyam Mandir of Khatu is increasing day and night. Devotees come here not only from the country but also from abroad to have darshan of Baba.

Many devotees pray in Baba's court, whether they have been able to come to Khatu or not. First of all, we know that what is the Arji of Khatu Shyam?

What is the Arji or Ardas of Khatu Shyam?

Baba Shyam sitting in Khatu, listening to the cries of all the poor people, has been removing their sufferings. Devotees come to Khatu and pray for fulfillment of their wishes in front of Baba in Shri Shyam Mandir.

Many devotees bring it by writing it on paper for their wish and convey their words to Baba through the priest in the temple.

Shyam devotees believe that Baba Shyam definitely fulfills the wishes written in this way. These prayers written on paper are called Khatu Shyam's Arji or Ardaas.

It is like this that through Arji or Ardaas, Shyam devotees convey their wishes to Shyam Baba in the form of prayers.

Devotees believe that Shyam Baba accepts these applications and fulfills their wishes.

Most of the devotees of Shyam apply applications related to job, child, marriage, business, illness, happiness, peace etc. in Baba's court.

Who can make Arji to Khatu Shyam?

By the way, any Shyam devotee can make Arji to Baba Shyam, but your problem should be worthy of applying.

Applications are especially made by those people who are not able to come to Khatu Shyam temple for Baba's darshan, like if a person is abroad, someone is sick or someone is not in a position to come due to any reason.

Where can I make Arji to Khatu Shyam?

Such devotees of Shyam, who cannot come to Khatu and apply for it, can also apply for Baba Shyam from their home.

Nowadays, in many Shyam temples, a box or a box has also been kept for applications, where Shyam devotees can submit their applications. Later these applications are offered at the feet of Baba in the Shyam Mandir of Khatu.

You can also send your application directly to Khatu Shyam Mandir by post through letter. If someone you know is going to visit Khatu Shyam temple, you can send your application along with him.

Note that if your prayer is true then you are in any corner of the world, Shyam Baba definitely listens to your prayer.

So in this way we can understand that if you are not able to send your application to Khatu temple, then you can send it to any nearby Shyam temple.

By the way, in this era of technology, when everything is becoming digital, then it is also heard that now online applications have also started being filed, but how they are filed, it is beyond understanding.

How to make Arji to Khatu Shyam?

There is no specific procedure for applying for Khatu. All you have to do is to write your feelings on paper in the form of a prayer and send them to Baba Shyam's feet.

If your prayer is genuine, then it definitely reaches Shyam Baba, whether it is done by yourself or by sending it.

It is believed that the paper and pen should be brand new for applying. The ink in the pen should be of red colour.

Many people follow a process to apply which is as follows-

According to this procedure, first on a new paper, write your prayer with a new pen in red ink. Then tie it with a dry coconut with the thread used in Rakshasutra i.e. Moli.

Now send it to Shyam Mandir according to your devotion or with a gift of Rs.11. Your application will be taken in Baba's court.

What is the importance of Khatu Shyam Arji?

It is said that just by reciting the name of Shyam Baba, all the sufferings of the devotees are removed. When there is so much power in the name of Shyam Baba, then think how much power will be there in the prayer done in front of him.

Khatu Shyam's application is also a prayer made at the feet of Baba Shyam. That's why the glory of Baba Shyam's prayer is immense.

The prayer offered with a true heart at the feet of Baba Shyam is always fulfilled, whether you have planted it in Khatu yourself or by sending it to someone.


In the end, we would like to say only this to all Shyam devotees that if it is possible for you, then you should go to Baba's Dham i.e. Khatu and submit your application.

If it is not possible for you to go to Khatu, then you can send your application to Khatu or apply it in any Shyam Mandir near you.

If your prayer is done with a legitimate and sincere heart, then Shyam Baba will definitely listen to your request.

Uma Vyas {MA (Education), MA (Public Administration), MA (Political Science), MA (History), BEd}

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