Khatu Shyam Bhog Prasad - What is Khatu Shyam Prasad?

Khatu Shyam Bhog Prasad - What is Khatu Shyam Prasad?, it tells about most favorite Bhog Prasad of  Baba Shyam with various types of prasad material.

What is Khatu Shyam Prasad

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Lakhs of Shyam devotees come from country and abroad to visit Baba Shyam in Khatu Dham. These Shyam bhakts pay obeisance to their deity and offer prasad to mark their presence in Baba's court.

It is said that whoever worships and worships Baba Shyam with true heart and devotion, Baba definitely fulfills all his desired wishes.

Devotees receive Baba's blessings by offering Prasad after bowing their heads in Baba's court. Devotees take this Prasad with them and distribute it among their family members and relatives so that they also get Baba's blessings.

What are the various Prasad of Shyam Baba?

Today we tell you what things Baba Shyam likes as Prasad, which can be used for Baba's bhog. Along with this, we will also know that what is Baba Shyam's favorite Bhog Prasad?

In fact, mainly four types of things are used for the Prasad of Baba Shyam. These four things are cow's raw milk, Panchmeva, Mawa pedes, and Kheer Churma.

Now let us understand a little bit about these four offerings.

1 Raw milk of cow

Cow's raw milk i.e. unheated milk is considered to be the most favorite bhog prasad of Baba Shyam. The raw milk of the cow was the first bhog that Baba Shyam had first consumed on the land of Khatu.

There is also a story about this which we tell you in brief. Actually what happened before Baba's head appeared, at the place where Shyam Kund is now, milk used to flow from the udders of a cow on its own.

When everyone came to know about this through the cowherd, then excavation was done at that place. Baba's head was found at that place in the excavation.

In this way, because of being the first to accept raw milk of the cow, it is considered to be the first and favorite Bhog Prasad of Baba Shyam.

Whenever you go to visit Khatu Dham Baba, then if possible, offer raw cow's milk as prasad in the temple.

2 Panchmeva

You can also use a mixture of five dry fruits i.e. Panchmeva in the form of Bhog Prasad of Baba Shyam. Panchmeva Prasad contains a mixture of cashews, almonds, dried dates, raisins and sugar candy.

The last advantage of Panchmeva Prasad is that it is easily available everywhere, as well as it does not spoil for a long time.

3 Mava Ke Pede

Mava Ke Pede are also offered as Prasad to Baba Shyam. If you go to Khatu Dham, you will easily find pedas for bhog at almost all the shops.

4 Kheer Churma

Kheer Churma is also very useful in Baba Shyam's Bhog Prasad. On the day of Baras i.e. Dwadashi, Baba's blessings are taken in the form of Jyot by offering Baba's kheer churma in the homes of many Shyam devotees.

This prasad can be made very easily at home. Nowadays Kheer Churma Prasad is easily available at many shops in Khatu Nagri.

Many devotees make Prasadi in the form of Savamani in Khatu and offer bhog to Baba. Later this bhog is distributed among all the devotees.

Hope now you have got important information about Baba Shyam's Bhog Prasad, so now whenever you go to any Shyam temple, you can enjoy any one of these Prasad according to your devotion.

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