Places to Visit in Khatu Shyam Ji - Khatu Shyam Tourist Places, it tells about tourist attractions that can be visited by Devotees in Khatushyamji.

Khatu Shyam Tourist Places

Khatushyamji is a religious town and known as Khatu Dham or Khatu Nagari. This is the land of Sheesh Ke Dani Baba Shyam. Head of Barbarik was found in Khatu and this head is now worshipped in Shyam Temple.

Due to being a religious and historical city, there are some places of interest here. These can be called the tourist places of Khatushyamji.

Tourist Places to Visit in Khatu Shyam Ji

1. Shri Shyam Mandir
2. Shyam Kund
3. Shyam Bagichi and Samadhi of Shyam Bhakta Aloo Singh
4. Gaurishankar Mandir
5. Gopinath Mandir
6. Sitaram Mandir
7. Ancient Shiv Mandir
8. Shri Hanuman Mandir, Singh Pol
9. Tomb of Ramdas
10. Tomb of Mangaldas
11. Tomb of Ganeshdas
12. Sant Sevashram Stepwell
13. Sheesh Ka Dani Shyam Temple Ancient Cenotaphs and Kashida Stepwell
14. Ramkund and Samadhiya Bagh which have ancient caves of sadhus
15. Ruined of ancient Shyam Mandir near Shah Alamgir Masjid or Shahi Masjid
16. Garh Dharamshala
17. Palace of Khatwang Raja
18. Khandela Durbar Ancient Palace Fountain
19. Shri Raghunath Das Ashram, Pashupatinath Mandir, Prachin Sita Kund, Aloda Road


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