Khatu Shyam Baga Dress - How to use Shyam Baga at Home?

Khatu Shyam Baga Dress - How to use Shyam Baga at Home?, it tells about Khatu Shyam Baga dress complete information and how to use it at home.

How to use Shyam Baga at Home

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By the way, the name of Baba Shyam is enough to save the ocean. By reciting the name of Shyam even a person who is disappointed and defeated everywhere starts winning by Baba's grace. Man's despair starts turning into hope and bad things start happening.

Along with Baba's name, there is another such thing related to Baba, meeting which all the sorrows start going away. We can call it more fruitful than the name of Baba.

We are calling it more fruitful than Baba's name because this thing remains attached to Baba throughout the year and Baba wears it throughout the year.

This thing is available in limited quantity and is directly related to Baba Shyam, hence its religious importance is very high. Lakhs of devotees yearn to get it and the one who gets it is considered very fortunate.

Out of the crores of devotees of Baba Shyam present in the country and abroad, only a few fortunate devotees can get it. Now the question must be arising in your mind that what is such an important thing related to Baba Shyam?

What is the Baga Dress of Baba Khatu Shyam?

We tell you that the name of this thing is Baga. This is the dress of Baba Shyam i.e. the dress worn by Baba Khatu Shyam is called Baga or Bagha.

This Basanti means a yellow cloth which Baba Shyam always wears as his inner garment. Its length is one or quarter meter.

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Baga is of two types. The first type of garden is called outer garden and the second type of garden is called inner garden.

Outer Baga Dress

The outer robe is the cloth that Baba Shyam wears daily as clothes. You must have seen that it is changed daily. This baba evening dress is of different colors and designs.

The outer robe is just a cloth and has no special religious significance. It is used only for Baba's adornment.

Inner Baga Dress

The inner robe is that cloth which Baba Shyam wears under the outer robe as inner garment. It is a plain cloth of yellow or spring color.

It is not changed daily like the outer robe. Baba Shyam wears it on the day of Basant Panchami and wears it throughout the year. In this way we see that the inner robe is changed once a year on the day of Basant Panchami.

The inner robe is not as insignificant as the outer robe. It has a lot of religious importance, so this baga is changed on the day of Basant Panchami and it is distributed in small pieces among the Shyam devotees.

Importance of Baga Dress

Baba Shyam's Baga has great importance from the point of view of faith. It is said that whoever gets even a piece of this robe of Baba Shyam, his luck changes. It is believed that Baba Shyam himself comes to him in the form of Baga.

Baga is not considered less than a boon for the devotees. This brings happiness and peace in life along with marriage, child birth, business, job and all sorrows go away.

How is Baba Shyam dressed in Baga Dress?

Baba Shyam's special adornment is done on Basant Panchami. On this day Baba's head is bathed with Panchamrit and yellow inner clothes are worn in the form of inner robe.

Then Baba is decorated with yellow flowers. All the devotees of Shyam are eager to see this adorable form of support of the loser.

How should the Shyam devotee wear the Baga Dress after bringing it home?

Whichever lucky Shyam devotee gets a baga, first of all he should clean this piece of baga with clean water.

If the piece of baga is a little bigger in size, then it should be distributed to another Shyam devotee. It is said that the more the Baga is distributed, the more the grace of Baba Shyam increases.

After cleaning the baga, keep it in the temple of the house, fold hands in front of it, wear it in ring, locket, garland etc.

It is believed that by wearing Baga in this way, all the wishes of the wearer get fulfilled.

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