Khatu Shyam Nishan Yatra - What is Nishan Yatra?

Khatu Shyam Nishan Yatra - What is Nishan Yatra?, it tells about What is Khatu Shyam Nishan Yatra, Why to do Nishan Yatra and its Importance.

What is Nishan Yatra

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The joy and importance of Khatu Shyam ji's Nishan Yatra, both are unique in themselves. The ultimate aim of all the devotees is to please their presiding deity with their devotion.

Just as the devotees try to please their worshiper by giving Prasad, things or any other gift, similarly Nishan Yatra is also a way to please their worshiper.

Nishan Yatra is a way of worshiping one's deity, in which the bond of faith between the devotee and God becomes very strong.

Khatu Shyamji's Nishan Yatra is one of the major pilgrimages organized across the country. This is the most ancient way to please Baba Shyam. This journey is very fruitful.

What is Nishan Yatra?

Nishan Yatra is mainly a walking journey from Ringas to Khatu Shyam Ji Temple. The distance of this journey is 18 kms.

Most of the devotees of Baba Shyam do Nishan Yatra from Ringus to Khatu, but devotees can do Nishan Yatra from their home or any other place as per their faith.

What is the Nishan of Khatu Shyam?

Nishan is a flag offered to Baba Shyam whose color is saffron, orange, blue, white or red.

Jayakare, mantras and photos of Shyam Baba and Lord Krishna are attached to this flag. This Flag waving in the wind is tied to a rope.

Many Flags are also found with peacock feathers and coconut. At present, devotees have started offering gold and silver flags to Baba according to their devotion.

How to do Khatu Shyam Nishan Yatra?

To perform the Khatu Shyam Nishan Yatra, the devotees have to carry Baba Shyam's Nishan i.e. flag in their hands and walk to the temple.

Nishan Yatra done by walking barefoot is considered to be the best Nishan Yatra.

Generally devotees do Nishan Yatra from Ringas to Khatu Shyam Temple. Many people do longer nishan yatra also..

Why is Nishan offered to Shyam Baba?

In Hindu religion, the flag is considered a symbol of victory and faith. There is definitely an urn and a flag on the pinnacle of all Hindu temples.

Baba Shyam had donated his head to Lord Shri Krishna for the victory of religion in the war being fought for religion over unrighteousness. Symbol of Baba Shyam's victory and for this great sacrifice, he is offered a Nishan.

Lakhs of devotees come to Baba Shyam's temple and pray for the fulfillment of their wishes.

When the wishes of these devotees are fulfilled, then they come to Baba's court next time while traveling on foot and offer Nishan to Baba.

Significance of Khatu Shyam Nishan

The Nishan of Baba Shyam is considered very sacred and the pilgrimage to the Nishan is considered very fruitful. This is an old way of expressing our devotion and reverence towards Shyam ji.

It is believed that all the wishes of Shyam devotees who travel on foot with a Nishan in their hands while remembering Baba with a true heart are fulfilled.

Baba Shyam's special blessings are on the devotees who do the Nishan Yatra. Their bad works start getting done, sorrows and pains go away and wherever they put their hands, success starts.

On which day should we offer a Nishan to Baba Shyam?

By the way, nishan can be offered in Baba's court on any day but if the time of fair is considered most fruitful.

At present, a fair is held in the temple on Ekadashi and Dwadashi of Shukla Paksha of every month, so offerings can be made to Baba on these two days.

If Nishan are offered at the time of Falgun Lakhi fair, then it is most important. Even in this Lakhi fair, it is very good if a Nishan is offered on the day of Gyaras.

Khatu Shyam ji's Nishan worship method and rules

The Nishan is very sacred, it has its own rules which need to be followed. The person holding the Nishan should take full care of his own purity along with the Nishan.

First of all, take a bath and clean the place where the Nishan is worshiped with water. Now prepare the Nishan by putting the flag on the pole and tying it with a string.

After this worship the Nishan with Baba's picture. After this, chanting Shyam Prabhu, hold the Nishan in your hands.

Now remember Baba Shyam and start the journey by chanting Om Jai Shri Shyam Devay Namah.

Although the pilgrimage should be done without stopping anywhere and eating and drinking, but this type of journey becomes very difficult.

Many devotees are not able to undertake such an arduous journey, so they take rest and refreshments in the middle of the journey.

The most important thing is that while holding the Nishan should not do any kind of impure work.

If you want to go to the washroom, then keep the Nishan at a holy place and go. After coming from the washroom, get back clean and hold the Nishan.

Go to Shyam Mandir and offer Nishan to Baba at the appointed place.

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