Khatu Shyam Registration - How to book Khatu Shyam Darshan Online?

Khatu Shyam Registration - How to book Khatu Shyam Darshan Online?, it tells step by step Online Registration process for Khatu Shyam Ji Darshan.

How to book Khatu Shyam Darshan Online

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Many new and easy arrangements have been made for the convenience of the devotees in the annual Lakkhi Phalgun fair of Shyam Baba, which is being held in Khatu from 22nd February.

Many changes have been made in the temple to implement these arrangements. Now the darshan of Baba Shyam in the temple does not take more than ten to fifteen minutes and the darshan is happening very easily.

Even after so many changes, the elders and differently-abled people were facing difficulties in getting darshan, to overcome which the administration has taken some necessary steps.

In this sequence, keeping in mind the problems of the elderly and differently-abled people, the process of having Baba's darshan has been made easier for them.

Now a separate line has been made for Divyangjan and old people coming to the fair to have darshan, in which only these people will be able to enter.

Keep in mind that some rules have been made for the disabled and the elderly. Under these rules, the disability should be more than 40 percent in Divyangjan and the age of old people should be more than 70 years.

To enter this separate line, these people will have to do free online registration. For online registration, registration has to be done by visiting the website

The soft copy or hard copy of the ticket which will be generated after registration has to be brought along. Divyangjans have to bring their medical certificate and old people with their photo identity card, otherwise they will not be given entry in the reserved line for them.

How to book Divyangjan and old age Khatu Shyam Darshan online?

For online booking of darshan, Divyangjans and old people will have to first open the website

On the page that opens, under the menu, it is written in red letters "Persons with Disabilities (above 40%) and Senior Citizens (above 70 years) Online Booking", click it.

Now a new page will open, if you are a new user then click on Register here. Fill all the details on the page that opens and submit by clicking on the Register button at the bottom.

An OTP will come on your registered mobile number. After entering OTP your number will be verified.

Now you have to sign in with the registered mobile number. For this, enter the mobile number and verify with the received OTP.

The booking form will open in front of you. Fill it completely by selecting the date, slot as per your convenience. Now save it by clicking on the save button below. Your darshan ticket will be generated.

Important points after Khatu Shyam online booking

This ticket is not transferable means valid only for the person in whose name it is booked.

It is compulsory to bring photo ID along with the ticket. Also it is Compulsory to bring Physically Disability Certificate (More than 40%) / ID Proof of Senior Citizen (Age above 70 years).

Once scanned, the ticket will not be used again, meaning one ticket will be seen only once.

The Attendant will not be given entry alone, that is, only one Attendant will be given entry only with the disabled or the elderly.

Benefit of online booking for Khatu Shyam Darshan

16 lines have been made for darshan in the temple, out of which the first line will be reserved for the disabled, the elderly and those who have immediate darshan.

Those who have immediate darshan will have to book tickets online. For this the temple committee can keep some charge. Prasad packets will also be given to these devotees.

The temple committee will have to develop the system of online ticket booking. The money received from booking will be spent on development works in Khatu.

How to register Khatu Shyam Darshan?

1. First of all visit website.

2. Select Date, Time and Total Members and then fill the details given below. Check the availability of how many seats are available for darshan.

3. If you want to book tickets for more than one person, then choose from Total Members, you can book tickets for a maximum of five people from one mobile number at a time.

Keep in mind that it is necessary to fill Aadhaar and mobile number. If you are booking tickets for more than one member, then it is necessary to fill the Aadhaar number and mobile number of all the members.

4. After that click on Book Darshan menu. You will receive your ticket registration details on your mobile.

5. You will have to show these details while entering the temple for darshan.

What is the ticket price of Khatu Shyam Ji?

There is no ticket price of Khatu Shyam Ji Darshan. Its totally free. Anybody can register Khatu Shyam Darshan online at free of cost.

Important Notice regarding Khatu Shyam Registration

At present no online booking or registration is required for Khatu Shyam Darshan. The date of when the online booking for Khatu Shyam Darshan will be started in the near future is not fixed yet.

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