Shyam Kund Khatu - Barbarik head was revealed here

Shyam Kund Khatu - Barbarik head was revealed here, it tells about the glory of Shyam Kund or Shyam Sarovar located in Khatu Dham and its history.

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Today we are going to tell you about such a holy place which is directly related to Shyam Baba with the help of Kalyug's deity i.e. Hare Ka Sahara.

You must know about Shyam Baba that he had donated his head on the demand of Lord Krishna during the war of Mahabharata and was called the donor of the head.

Since the head of Shyam Baba had appeared at this place, this place is as sacred as the temple and its glory is also immense.

Let us know which is this place, and what is its name. Actually this place is a Jal Kund which is known as Shri Shyam Kund or Shyam Sarovar.

Introduction to Shyam Kund

Shyam Kund is a deep and oval-shaped reservoir whose water is considered very sacred. There is an entrance on the left side in the premises of the Kund, inside which the ancient Shyam Kund is built.

This ancient Shyam Kund has been renamed as Mahila Kund and now only women can bathe in it.

There are many temples built around the Mahila Shyam Kund, including the ancient Hanuman temple and Gayatri temple etc.

Historically, it seems that Barbarik's head may have originated from this ancient Shyam Kund, but for the convenience of the devotees, the present Shyam Kund is used.

Glory of Shyam Kund

This kund remains filled with holy water for twelve months. The water of the Kund emerges from the ground, hence it is said that the water in the Kund comes from the underworld (Pataal Lok).

Barbarik's head had incarnated in this kund, hence the water of this kund is considered sacred and like nectar.

Shri Shyam Kund is also known as the pilgrimage reservoir of Khatu. By taking a bath in this pool, sins are destroyed and virtues are attained.

By taking a bath in the kund, we receive Baba Shyam's blessings and the troubles start going away. Shyam Baba has a special association with this kund because it is the place where Barbarik's head appeared.

By taking Charanamrit of the water of Shyam Kund, one experiences spiritual power because great amazing power is present in its water.

Keep these things in mind before taking bath in Shyam Kund

Before taking bath in Shyam Kund, we should take care of some things. By not taking care of these things, we can unknowingly become a partaker of sin.

The first thing is that before entering the kund, its holy water should be applied on the forehead. After this one should bathe in the water of the kund.

Another important thing is that soap should not be used while bathing in the pool. After bathing, your clothes should not be washed in the pool.

History of Shyam Kund

The history of Shyam Kund is told in the form of a story. According to famous historian Pandit Jhabarmall Sharma, in ancient times there was a huge mound at the place of this kund.

An Aak tree grew on that mound. Ida Jat's cow used to come here for grazing. As soon as that cow came near the Aak tree, its milk used to drip.

Ida was suspicious because the cow's milk was less. The next day Ida came with the cow to its grazing place and saw with her own eyes the cow's milk dripping near the Aak tree.

He was very surprised to see this happening. The same night Shyam Baba said in Ida's dream that I drink the milk of your cow with power.

I am buried under the Aak tree in the form of a statue in the ground. Tell the king here to dig here and get my idol removed. All the people will worship me by the name of Shyam.

When this was told to the king, the king got the excavation done at that place. In that excavation, Barbarik's head came out which is worshiped today by the name of Shyam.

A kund was built at the site of the excavation, which is today known as Shyam Kund. The idol that came out of Shyam Kund was installed in a temple near a Shiv Temple located in the market.

The Shiv Temple which was present in the circumambulation of this Shyam temple at that time is still present today. Later in the Mughal period, Aurangzeb demolished this Shyam temple and converted it into a mosque.

After the death of Aurangzeb, the present Shyam temple was built in 1720 AD at some distance from the old Shyam temple. Shyam Baba was installed in this new temple. Since then Baba Shyam is sitting here.

How to reach Shyam Kund?

Shyam Kund is located in Khatu town of Sikar district. This kund is situated near Shri Shyam Temple. Whenever you go to Khatu Shyam Temple, you must visit Shyam Kund.

Map location of Shyam Kund

Images of Shyam Kund

Barbarik head was revealed here

Shyam Kund Khatushyamji Sikar

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