Aeroplane ride in Khatu Shyam Ji - Boeing 737 Aeroplane Restaurant Visit

Aeroplane ride in Khatu Shyam Ji - Boeing 737 Aeroplane Restaurant Visit, it tells detailed information about Airplane Restaurant of Khatu Shyam Ji.

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Who doesn't want to sit in an aeroplane, but when it comes to drinking tea while sitting in an aeroplane, then the proverb 'Chupdi aur do do' becomes meaningful.

The wish of sipping tea while sitting in an aeroplane, can be fulfilled at a restaurant that is made out of a real aeroplane. Here you will enjoy sitting in an airplane with sips of tea.

Along with this, if you want to understand the structure of the airplane and its working system, then you can understand that too, because like the real plane, the cockpit i.e. the pilot's room is also real.

The most important thing is that the airplane restaurant we are going to tell you about is the first airplane restaurant in Rajasthan.

If you go to visit Khatu Shyamji for Baba Shyam Darshan, you will see an airplane standing on the right side about 3 kilometers before Khatu town.

You might be a little surprised to see this airplane in Khatu Shyamji but when you go near it, you will come to know that this airplane is a restaurant.

You have to have a ticket to enter the Airplane Restaurant. After taking the ticket, when you go inside, you see an airplane standing in a big field in front.

You can see this airplane well by going from all sides and below it. There is a big attraction of taking photo with aeroplane, so you can also take your photo here.

There are separate stairs to go inside the airplane and to come out from inside. To get inside the aeroplane, you have to climb up the front stairs.

As soon as you open the plane door and enter inside, you feel like going to a big restaurant. About 60-70 people can sit together very easily in the plane.

The waiters inside the plane live in the dress code of Air Boeing, so that you get the full feeling of being inside the real plane. Along with this, the plane has all the facilities that are in a flying plane.

Here you can enjoy tea for just Rs.30. The restaurant's menu includes many other items but it depends on your preferences and what you want.

After getting down from the aeroplane, you can also play many types of games by going to the different game zones built nearby.

Real plane feel from the cockpit

When you enter the cockpit i.e. the pilot's room by opening the gate in the front of this plane, you get to see the entire cockpit including the engine.

Switches and meters are visible all around in the cockpit, seeing which you can understand the process of flying the plane to some extent. You must show this to your children.

Where was the Boeing 737 airplane used earlier?

If we talk about the Boeing 737 airplane, then this cargo airplane of Air India was used to deliver mail across the country.

In the year 2005, Air India stopped the services of this aircraft. Later, a Jaipur firm bought this plane at auction and started a restaurant in it.

Boeing 737 airplane restaurant ticket price

If you want to see this airplane from inside, then you have to buy a ticket for it. To buy an airplane ticket, you have to pay 50 rupees per person.

Airplane restaurant ticket is also like the real ticket you get at the airport i.e. you are made to feel like going in a real aeroplane.

Here you must keep in mind that this ticket is only for traveling in the plane and restaurant. If you want to drink some food or play some games in the plane, then you will have to pay separately for them.

How to reach Boeing 737 Airplane Restaurant?

This Airplane Restaurant is located on the right side on the main road, three kilometers before Khatu Shyam Ji. You can go here by bus, car or bike.

So this was the Boeing 737 Airplane Restaurant, if you are going to Khatu to visit Shyam Baba, then you must drink tea while sitting in this plane.

Map location of Boeing 737 Airplane Restaurant

Images of Boeing 737 Airplane Restaurant

Aeroplane ride in Khatu Shyam Ji

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